hey dad, your little girl kinda sorta wants to die


hold up

my mom didn’t die or anything… our relationship just isn’t the same as i was when i was a little kid.


what i miss

list of top things i miss:
1) hubba bubba bubblegum
2) being a little kid
3) old cartoon shows
4) my first school that i had to leave
5) baking handmade cookies w my mom.
6) being a total tom boy
7) being skinny
8) not having to worry about looks, or hair, or size, or anything
9) my late uncle
10) when no one lied to me. when no one had to. when no one left me. when no one faked it. when they hated me all along. basically, i miss my old bestfriends. i thought were together forever. apparently forever= 2 years

if you scatter thorns, don’t go barefoot.
Italian Proverb

hey my other blog. it’s kinda depressing- like this one. but who gives a shit. nobody. :)))))))) if you see this, read that. read how one person is keeping my alive. no it’s not my ducking boyfriend, don’t worry. read it. weep for it. i don’t really care. I just want someone to know. thank you.

my opinion on you

my opinion on you


whenever I try to post on my other blog it comes off on here qedjsjxogis UGGGHHH


i wanna die happy *insert over dramatic skull emoji here*


I’m in love

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this is literally the greatest audio post that has been posted on this stupid website